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By scott romer 12/24/2020, 10:45am EST


FEDHOCKEY office received this Public Service Announcement from the Community Tracing Collaborative and wanted to pass it along to our players and families in The Fed.  The CTC has been a valuable resource in our efforts to keep the EHF playing as much as possible.  We wish everyone in The Fed a safe, happy, and most importantly, a healthy holiday season. Let’s keep dropping the puck!

The holiday season is a time that we traditionally come together and spend time with our families and friends. This year, as we know, things are different. The risk of becoming sick with COVID-19 is just as high as it was months ago, and this trend will worsen in the coming weeks if we don’t act now. This year, the best way to keep our kids and families safe and able to continue to enjoy playing the sports they love, is by staying home.

Social gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday have had an enormous impact on the spread of COVID in our communities. They’ve had an enormous impact on many of our schools, teams, and local businesses. Please, from our family to yours, stay home this year.

We recognize that this is hard and it comes at a time in which everyone is tired of social distancing, masking up, and all the other challenges that 2020 has brought.  We often hear of families or groups of friends that decide to get together because they know that they are all being careful and no one is feeling sick. However, this is no guarantee, and one guest can be one too many. Often times people are the most contagious prior to their symptom onset, and even those with the best of intentions could pose a serious risk to the health of others. Remember that even if you are fortunate not to experience severe symptoms, you could transmit COVID to someone who is more susceptible to severe illness. Choosing to hold or attend a gathering could have very serious impacts on your family, friends, and neighbors.

We ask you this year, as a part of your sports community and family, to reconsider your holiday travels and holiday plans. Please help us to protect our players, coaches, and referees after the holidays. Please help us to keep our families safe and healthy. Stay home this year. Let’s work together to make sure we can all spend our holidays next year with those we love.

EHF to extend the 2020/2021 regular season.

By scott romer 12/03/2020, 7:45pm EST

Due to recent pauses in the youth hockey season in New England, the owners of The Eastern Hockey Federation have voted to extend the 2020/2021 regular season. This decision hopes to provide the most opportunity for continued play, development and enjoyment for all who participate in the league.  More details will be provided in the coming weeks.